Allegro WebAPI

Programming interface of the Allegro platform


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This method allows for loading the counter of categories available in the selected country.

  1. country-code | int | required
    Country identifier (a list of country identifiers can be loaded using the doGetCountries method).
  2. local-version | long | non-required
    Outdated parameter (it is required to enter any value appropriate for the parameter type).
  3. webapi-key | string | required
    User's WebAPI key.

Sample structure of method call

$dogetcatsdatacount_request = array(
   'country-id' => 1,
   'local-version' => 0,
   'webapi-key' => 'g2fe408289'

  1. cats-count | int
    Value of a category's counter.
    1. ver-key | long
      Version key value relevant for a selected country and WebAPI key provided.
    2. ver-str | string
      Component version of a category’s tree structure relevant for a WebAPI key provided.

    Sample structure of server reply

    $dogetcatsdatacount_response = array(
       'cats-count' => 21616,
       'ver-key' => 16551276,
       'ver-str' => '1.2.63'

      Invalid country identifier (zero or empty value has been provided in the parameter).
      Problems with Allegro database.
      Expiry date of WebAPI key has been exceeded.
      Invalid value of WebAPI key or WebAPI key has been blocked.
      The WebAPI key has been deactivated (User Agreement not accepted).
      Problems with Allegro WebAPI service.

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