Allegro WebAPI

Programming interface of the Allegro platform


Last change: 11.11.2011 r.
This method allows for loading single purchase events concluded by a given buyer in an indicated offer (in which a logged-in user acts as the seller). That method returns only purchase events which is not paid yet while calling the method. The exception is a situation when a purchase had been paid for but the payment has been cancelled - that purchase is treated as unpaid and information about it will be returned. In case of providing an incorrect user identifier an empty structure is returned.

  1. session-handle | string | required
    User's session identifier received using the doLogin(Enc) method.
  2. item-id  | long | required
    Offer identifier.
  3. buyer-id | int | required
    Buyer's identifier.

Sample structure of method call

$dogetdeals_request = array(
   'session-handle' => '22eb99326c6be29aa16d07d622bcfbcbee94ad54846f2f4e03_1',
   'item-id' => 1087784659,
   'buyer-id' => 2580451

  1. deals-list | DealsStruct[]
    Array of structures containing information on purchase events.
    1. deal-id | long
      Identifier of a purchase event.
    2. deal-date | long
      Date of the purchase event.
    3. deal-quantity | int
      Number of items bought.
    4. deal-amount-original | float
      Total amount (number * unit price) for the purchase event - without the discount.
    5. deal-amount-discounted | float
      Total amount (number * unit price) for the purchase event - with granted discount. If the discount has not been granted - the amount equals the amount without discount.

Sample structure of server reply

$dogetdeals_response = array(
   'deals-list' => array(
         'deal-id' => 15204949,
         'deal-date' => 1275903331,
         'deal-quantity' => 1,
         'deal-amount-original' => 22.00,
         'deal-amount-discounted' => 22.00))

    No buyer's identifier or incorrect value (<= 0) .
    No, incorrect value (<=0)  of the offer identifier or such offer does not exist.
    Internal system error due to loading PayU transactions.
    Invalid session identifier or the session has expired. 
    The session-generating WebAPI key has been deactivated (the owner did not accept the User Agreement).
    Logged-in user is not the seller in the indicated offer.

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