Allegro WebAPI

Programming interface of the Allegro platform


Last change: 25.04.2013 r.
This method allows for verifying whether it is possible to fill out the after-sale form for indicated offers (while calling the method).

  1. session-id | string | required
    User’s session identifier received using the doLogin(Enc) method.
  2. item-ids | long[] | required
    Array of offer identifiers (min. 1, max. 200).

Sample structure of method call

$dogetpostbuyiteminfo_request = array(
=> '22eb99326c6be29aa16d07d622bcfbcbee94ad54846f2f4e03_1' ,
'item-ids' => (2996320247, 2896350268, 2996370295)

  1. item-post-buy-form-info | PostBuyItemInfoStruct[]
    Array of structures containing information on operation results.
    1. item-id | long
      Offer identifier.
    2. item-post-buy-form-info | int
      Information on after-sale form (0 - after-sale form related to the indicated offer has been filled out, i.e. it is paid for or it is during the process of payment made for all the offers, 1 - after-sale form has not been filled out, it has been filled out only for part of the offers or it has been filled out and cancelled).

Sample structure of server reply

$dogetpostbuyiteminfo_response = array(
=> array(
'item-id' => 2996320247,
'item-post-buy-form-info' => 1),
'item-id' => 2896350268,
'item-post-buy-form-info' => 0),
'item-id' => 2996370295,
'item-post-buy-form-info' => 1))

    At least one offer identifier does not exist or it has been moved to the archive or the logged in user was not the buyer or at least two identifiers of offers listed in other country have been provided.
    Item is listed in other country than country which user is logged in.
    No offer identifier has been provided or the number of identifiers exceeds the acceptable limit (max. 200).
    Invalid session identifier or the session has expired.

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