Allegro WebAPI

Programming interface of the Allegro platform


Answers to frequently asked questions related to WebAPI.

  1. Can I learn more about the session?
    Session ID received by calling doLogin(Enc) method is valid for one hour. Moreover, the session is renewable. It means that calling any method requiring session ID will reset the time count.

    Each user is limited to 10 sessions running at the same time. In case of opening the 11th one, the earliest opened session will be automatically closed.
  2. Are there any limits concerning number of called methods?
    Currently there are two main restrictions:
    • Imposed on WebAPI key: 9000 queries per minute. If you exceed this number, the key is blocked for 5 minutes and following error is returned:  ERR_MINUTE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED. There is no other way to remove the block apart from waiting (after the indicated time the access to service is automatically restored).
    • Imposed on IP address: 120 queries per second. If you exceed this limit, following error is returned: ERR_IP_LIMIT_EXCEEDED. You can (in fact, you should) remove the block on your own. You have to log in to using the blocked IP and provide CAPTCHA code. Access to WSDL is open despite blocked IP.

    However, there is additional limit – doLogin(Enc)  method protects against too many failed attempts of logging in. If you exceed it (four failed attempts of providing password) a following error code is returned: ERR_CAPTCHA_REQUIRED. This error will be returned until you  successfully log in to the blocked account via site.
  3. On what sites and in which countries can I use WebAPI service?

    WebAPI service supports all the transaction sites running on Allegro platform. Use your account created on one of the following sites to log in to each of them (although part of sites limit some single functionalities for foreign accounts):

    Test site should be treated as separate one – (country code: 228). It runs on a separate database, therefore it is necessary to create an account directly on the site in order to use it.

  4. Everything ran smoothly and now I receive ERR_INVALID_VERSION_CAT_SELL_FIELDS error
    This error means that incorrect (expired) version key has been provided in a parameter of method call. Version keys change, therefore you need to check if provided key value matches its current value (you can use doQuery(All)SysStatus method to check the version key).
  5. How long password can I use for logging in via WebAPI?
    In fact the password can consist of as many characters as you wish. However, WebAPI server will read only 16 characters (current password limit set for the site). Other characters will be ignored.
  6. Masks for options of offer – how do they work and what do they mean?

    These masks (returned by doMyAccount2, doGetItemsInfo and doShowItemInfoExt methods) are logic sum of values (being indices of base 2) expressed in decimal notation. Meaning of values:

    • 1 – offer’s title is displayed in bold on listings,
    • 2 – offer is featured on listings,
    • 4 – offer’s thumbnails are displayed on listings,
    • 8 – shop offer,
    • 16 – offer has been deleted by site administrator,
    • 32 – shipping costs are covered by buyer,
    • 64 – shipping costs are covered by seller,
    • 128 – selected payment form: standard transfer,
    • 256 – selected payment form: COD,
    • 512 – offer is featured on department page,
    • 1024 – expired mask (always disabled),
    • 2048 – expired mask (always disabled),
    • 4096 – expired mask (always disabled),
    • 8129 – offer is featured on main page,
    • 16384 – seller ships abroad,
    • 32768 – additional information about shipping and payment is provided,
    • 65536 – offer scheduled for listing,
    • 131072 – offer listed using WebAPI,
    • 262144 – offer is highlighted on listings,
    • 524288 – offer is featured on category page,
    • 1048576 – private offer,
    • 2097152 – offer from,
    • 4194304 – selected shipping method: economic consignment,
    • 8388608 – selected shipping method: priority consignment,
    • 16777216 – selected shipping method: courier,
    • 33554432 – selected shipping method: personal pick-up,
    • 67108864 – expired mask (always disabled).

    To decrypt each option you need to transform masks into binary notation and check settings of bits.
  7. ERR_NO_SESSION error is displayed, though I am sure that session ID I provide is correct and up-to-date
    This error can be caused by one of security means used by WebAPI. When a method using session ID is called, IP is verified – whether it is the same address used previously during creation of session. You need to call both methods using the same IP address.
  8. I want my offer to be listed in a few minutes, but it is listed immediately
    As in the case of site, all the offers scheduled to be listed within 10 minutes since the method call are listed at once (due to technical reasons). If you want your offer to be listed later, you must change its start time by at least 10 minutes.
  9. What categories available on do support offers with numerous variants?
    Currently, offers with numerous variants can be listed in:

    • Moda i uroda > Odzież, Obuwie, Dodatki > Obuwie > Damskie
    • Moda i uroda > Odzież, Obuwie, Dodatki > Obuwie > Męskie
  10. Which elements of an offer with transaction history can be edited via WebAPI?

    In such offers you can edit:

    • quantity,
    • photographs,
    • parameters,
    • description,
    • shipping cost and options,

    However, you cannot edit price through WebAPI in the offers in question. You have to use REST API.