Allegro WebAPI

Programming interface of the Allegro platform


Here you will find instructions on how to use WebAPI via various programming technologies.

Sales monitoring

Used technologies: WebAPI
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Date of addition: 8 2017
Last update: 8 2017
Read this guide to learn more about sales monitoring.

First steps with Allegro WebAPI

Used technologies: WebAPI
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Date of addition: 7 2016
Last update: 7 2016
The guide describes basic methods that allow you to use crucial Allegro features.

Dynamic filters in methods

Used technologies: SOAP
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Date of addition: 23 2013
Last update: 23 2013
This tutorial explains how to use dynamic filters available in doGetItemsList and doGetPostBuyFormsIds methods. Read it to learn more about types of filters and how to use them.

Using new WSDL in PHP

Used technologies: PHP
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Date of addition: 12 2013
Last update: 12 2013
This tutorial presents how to use WebAPI’s new WSDL in PHP. A detailed description and samples of code will show you how to use the service with a help of two solutions: NuSOAP 0.9.5 (external library) and SoapClient (class of native SOAP extension in PHP 5).
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