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Tuner DENON TU-460
Tuner DENON TU-460 - TV, audio, video
Tuner DENON TU-460 - TV, audio, video
Tuner DENON TU-460 - TV, audio, video
Tuner DENON TU-460 - TV, audio, video
Tuner DENON TU-460 - TV, audio, video
Tuner DENON TU-460 - TV, audio, video
Tuner DENON TU-460 - TV, audio, video
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    Prodám Tuner DENON TU-460

    Tuner je v pěkném stavu a display krásně svítí.

    Možné i osobní předání a vyzkoušení.

    Tuner pěkně ladí a má moc příjemný zvuk.

    Občasné bílé tečky jsou prach, display není poškrábaný.

    Number of Transistors

    Semiconductors present.SemiconductorsMain principle

    PLL, Phase-locked loopWave bands

    Broadcast (BC) and FM or UHF.Details

    Radio Control (+Remote Wire etc)Power type and voltage

    Alternating Current supply (AC) / 110 or 120 or 220 or 240 VoltLoudspeaker

    - For headphones or amp.Material

    Metal casefrom

    Model: Precision Audio Component / AM-FM Stereo Tuner TU-460 - Denon Marke / brandShape

    Book-shelf unit.Dimensions (WHD)

    434 x 73 x 287 mm / 17.1 x 2.9 x 11.3 inchNotes

    A stereo hi-fi AM/FM tuner in a black or silver metal case. Optional remote control. RCA Line Out sockets, terminals for the supplied clip-on AM loop aerial and a 75ohm coaxial socket for an FM antenna (adaptor supplied).


    High sensitivity digital frequency synthesizer tuner for accurate tuning

    Random presets for 30 AM and FM stations

    Programmable antenna signal attenuator for cable reception and strong local stations

    Low output impedance of 500 ohms

    Featuring four varactor diodes, MOSFETs with high sensitivity

    Automatic and fast manual tuning

    Ceramic filter in the IF stage effectively combats noise

    Optional wood side panels are available



    Frequency Range:       87.50 — 108.00 MHz

    Antenna:                    75 ohm unbalanced

    Usable Sensitivity:      0.8µV (9.3 dBf) (DIN)

                                     1.0µV (11.2 dBf) (IHF)

    S/N 50dB Sensitivity:  Mono: 1.7µV (15.9 dBf)

                                     Stereo: 23µV (38.5 dBf)

    Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 15 kHz, +0.5dB, -1.5dB

    Signal-to-noise Ratio:  Mono: DIN 77 dB, 82dB IHF-A

                                     Stereo: DIN 73 dB, 78dB IHF-A

    Total Harmonic Distortion:

        Mono  1 kHz          0.3% (at 75kHz dev.)

        Stereo 1 kHz          0.7%, 0.2% DIN (at 67.5 dev.)

    Stereo Separation:      40 dB ( 1 kHz )


    Antenna Terminal:      Terminal Type, with Loop Antenna

    Frequency Ranges:    MW 522-1611kHz Europe, MW 520-1710 kHz USA & Canada

    Versions/Power Requirements

    220V AC 50Hz

    240V AC 50Hz

    120V AC 60Hz

    110/120/220/240 50/60Hz with voltage selector

    Similar to the Denon TU-460L AM-FM Stereo Tuner which additionally has LW.Mentioned in

    - - Manufacturers Literature (Denon '89 Hi-Fi Bausteine Katalog)Literature/Schematics (1)

    - - Manufacturers Literature (Operating Instructions TU-460/460L)Author

    Model page created by Howard Craven. See "Data change" for further contributors.Other Models

    Here you find 434 models, 428 with images and 46 with schematics for wireless sets etc. In French: TSF for Télégraphie sans fil.0